Enjoy a trip through pop-culture history. Commercials, movie trailers, behind-the-scene interviews, speaking engagements, documentaries, and of course, shameless self-promotion.


Movie Posters


Volkswagen 'Synchronicity'


Original photographs of some of the great celebrities and public figures of our time.


Creating the ‘Off The Wall’ cover for Michael Jackson.






Brand Logos


Searching for Colonel Kurtz ‘Apocalypse Now’


'Old Gringo' Trailer


'Blown Away' Trailer


"I wrote, drew and directed this, my first TV commercial, two years before "Yellow Submarine" was released. The VO is the legendary Don Pardo." - Mike


Levis 501 'Travis'


Mr. Pop Culture


Rocky IV Trailer 


House of Dancing Water


Print Ads




'Apocalypse Now' Dossier




AMA Branding


video editing & efx by:

Luke Sacher

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